Capability Building

Prescribed Body Corporate Unit 

(previously called the Business Advisory Services Unit)

As part of the native title claim process, the Native Title Holders nominate an Aboriginal Corporation to hold their native title at an authorisation meeting. At this meeting, Native Title Holders also nominate and elect directors of the Aboriginal Corporation to represent them.

At the native title determination, the Aboriginal Corporation is granted native title as trustee or agent on behalf of the people and that corporation is thereafter referred to as the “Prescribed Body Corporate” (PBC).

The Cape York Land Council (CYLC) PBC Unit provides capacity development support services to PBCs to assist them fulfil their legislative requirements and meet their responsibilities to their members and Native Title Holders.

The PBC Unit is comprised of two lawyers, a senior business support officer and two business support officers.

Tailored services are provided directly to individual PBCs based on their specific needs and aspirations through training and information workshops and forums.

There are currently 21 PBCs in the CYLC Native Title Representative Body area and the number is scheduled to increase in the 2022-2023 calendar year.

CYLC’s 2021-2022 Native Title Determinations have resulted in the establishment of the following new PBCs in the CYLC Native Title Representative Body area:

Uutaalnganu Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC;

Kaapay Kuuyun Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC;

Southern Kaantju Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC;

Northern Kaanju Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC;

Ayapathu Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC;

Lama Lama Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC;

Gudang Yadhaykenu Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC;

Atambaya Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC.


Lana Program

Funded by the National Indigenous Australians Agency through its PBC Capacity Program, the Lana Trainee program aligns with CYLC’s Strategic Plan 2020 – 2026 to create opportunities for current and future generations of Cape York Aboriginal People through career pathway development programs.

Trainees study a Certificate III in Business and learn about a wide range of business skills from operations and finance to marketing, communication, and critical thinking.

The Lana traineeship program, for Traditional Owners between the ages of 18 and 25, is based in Cairns in the CYLC office. It has been built from the ground up with the key focus being the education of the Cape’s brightest talent in all things administration, governance and management – equipping the next generation of leaders to continue to advocate for their communities.

Graduates move from their communities to work at CYLC and undertake their training.


We have a saying in Cape York when we are fighting for land, we call it ‘kicking the dust’

Francis Yunkaporta – Wik Elder

Standing together, Cape York has been ‘kicking the dust’ for almost 30 years.  Because of this, Native Title is determined for almost half of Cape York.

Below are the some of the successes that Traditional owners have had over the last three decades.

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