Capability Building

In 2019, the Prescribed Body Corporate (PBC) Support Unit transitioned as part of the CYLC’s internal restructure into the Business Advisory Unit (BA Unit). The BA Unit represents CYLC’s commitment to offer an expanded suite of support services to Registered Native Title Bodies Corporate / Prescribed Bodies Corporate (RNTBCs / PBCs) across Cape York.  These services assist the native title parties in establishing and maintaining their PBCs in addition to exploring opportunities for economic development and land management.

CYLC’s native title determinations have resulted in the establishment of the following RNTBCs / PBCs in the Cape York Representative Area:

·      Abm Elgoring Ambung Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC;

·      Bromley Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC;

·      Dhubbi Warra Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC;

·      Hopevale Congress Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC;

·      Ipima Ikaya Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC;

·      Jabalbina Yalanji Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC;

·      Kuuku Ya’u Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC;

·      Mokwiri Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC;

·      Ngan Aak-Kunch Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC;

·      Seven Rivers Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC;

·      Thaa-Nguigarr Strathgordon Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC;

·      Walmbaar Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC; and

·      Wuthathi Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC.

The BA Unit delivers a range of support to these RNTBCs / PBCs under the four key categories of:

·      Compliance and training;

·      Financial Management;

·      Economic Development;

·      Legal services

·      Capability building

·      Grant development and support services

·      Organisational planning and strategic ‘business’ growth support

Lana Program


We have a saying in Cape York when we are fighting for land, we call it ‘kicking the dust’

Francis Yunkaporta – Wik Elder

Standing together, Cape York has been ‘kicking the dust’ for almost 30 years.  Because of this, Native Title is determined for almost half of Cape York.

Below are the some of the successes that Traditional owners have had over the last three decades.

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