Native Title

The Cape York Land Council has fought to achieve native title rights, under instructions, for Cape York Aboriginal people over 45% per cent of the region since 1990.

Our success comes from the strength of our mob, Cape York Aboriginal people, who have been strong campaigners for land rights since our organisation was started.

The role of Native Title Representative Bodies, like the Cape York Land Council, is changing as more native title areas are determined and Registered Native Title Bodies Corporate or Prescribed Bodies Corporate are formed as the body responsible for managing a group’s native title rights and interests. Indigenous Land Holders need the tools for success as they navigate processes for the future. Cape York Land Council is funded to provide this support. We have the Corporate History and support campfires that reflect the visions of the elders and shape these to suit the plans for tomorrow.

The Cape York Land Council is working with Traditional Owner groups to navigate the shift in native title, to the post-determination environment where we will work with Aboriginal groups to establish corporations and enterprises that will empower Cape York Aboriginal people to take control of their own lives and build strong futures for their children.

The legal and native title units of the Cape York Land Council operate and assist Cape York native title holders and PBCs through the pre and post determination phases.

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