During an authorisation meeting (a penultimate step in the native title claim process), the Native Title Holders nominate an Aboriginal Corporation to hold their native title rights and interests. At this meeting, Native Title Holders also nominate and elect directors of the Aboriginal Corporation to represent them.


Tailored services are provided directly to individual PBCs based on their specific needs and aspirations. Services are provided in the form of support, governance training and PBC forums.

At the native title determination, an Aboriginal Corporation registered under the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006 is granted native title as trustee or agent on behalf of the people and that corporation is thereafter referred to as the “Prescribed Body Corporate” (PBC).

The Cape York Land Council (CYLC) PBC Unit provides capacity development support to PBCs to assist them fulfil their legislative requirements and meet their responsibilities to their members and Native Title Holders.

The services offered are divided into three categories, being governance training at the commencement of the year, basic support funding administration during the year and Annual General Meeting support from 1 July to 30 November.

The CYLC PBC Unit is currently comprised of a Principal Lawyer, Legal Officer, Senior Business Support Officer and three Business Support Officers. There are currently 27 PBCs in the CYLC native title representative body area as listed below, although this number may increase as a result of further native title determinations.

1 ICN2833 Dhubbi Warra Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC
2 ICN3135 Hopevale Congress Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC
3 ICN3144 Walmbarr Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC
4 ICN4097 Ngan Aak Kunch Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC
5 ICN4732 Thaa-Nguigarr Strathgordon Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC
6 ICN7002 Jabalbina Yalanji Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC
7 ICN7157 Wuthathi Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC
8 ICN7163 Abm Elgoring Ambung Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC
9 ICN7193 Kuuku Ya’u Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC
10 ICN7972 Mokwiri Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC
11 ICN8114 Ipima Ikaya Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC
12 ICN8374 Bromley Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC
13 ICN8522 Seven Rivers Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC
14 ICN9606 Uutaalnganu Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC
15 ICN9607 Kaapay Kuuyun Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC
16 ICN9755 Southern Kaantju Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC
17 ICN9756 Northern Kaanju Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC
18 ICN9757 Ayapathu Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC
19 ICN9758 Lama Lama Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC
20 ICN9801 Gudang Yadhaykenu Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC
21 ICN9839 Atambaya Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC
22 ICN9911 Northern Cape and Torres Strait United Indigenous Corporation RNTBC
23 ICN9982 Umpila Aboriginal Corporation RTNBC
24 ICN9983 Weipa Peninsula People RNTBC
25 ICN10045 Awu-Laya Indigenous Corporation RNTBC
26 ICN10048 Possum Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC
27 ICN10063 Kuku-Warra Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC

The path to independence is in our stars


Are you looking for opportunities to lead and inspire? Are you wanting to start a career pathway? Are you an existing Prescribed Body Corporate (PBC) who wants to develop talent and support a career pathway within your organisation?


Lana is a traineeship that is tailored to the needs of Prescribed Body Corporates. The Traineeship is based in Cairns with the opportunity to work within the Land Council and learn skills from across the organisation and build an understanding about land management, governance and administration.

The program facilitates real world mentoring and learning to ensure maximum growth and development.


Leadership comes from within. Bright stars in Cape York need support to develop and take their place as future leaders. We are proud of the capacity and want to see the Aboriginal people of Cape York leading their agenda.


CYLC continues to deliver a suite of services that are aimed at supporting the completion of the native title journey, building capability, facilitating local discussion, amplifying voices and driving good governance systems. Now is the time to extend these support services to meet the evolving needs of existing PBCs. You can be a part of this journey as well as start your own career pathway.

How is  Lana Delivered?

  • The Lana program is a Certificate III in Business Administration. The program includes modules that are tailored to suit management of PBCs working to meet the responsibilities of land management on native title land.
  • We offer tailored support for Trainees who have completed year 12 and are aged between 18-21. We work with PBCs to identify talent, support the application process and support you during the process of relocating to Cairns to complete this program.
  • Lana meets the demand for jobs in communities and the need for capable Indigenous administrators who wish
    to develop beyond an administrative role and into local management positions in their region or across the Cape York Regional Organisation, if they choose.
  • Lana is a training program that is stepped out to learn
    basic administration, governance support, ORIC and other legislative compliance, record keeping, basic MYOB with the intention to have the Trainee develop by month six to be the CYLC contact/support person for their PBC.
  • Lana is an in house mentoring program that partners the participant with a ‘buddy’ to support them with their work, attendance, weekend activities and living away from home.
  • Lana offers family stay programs for participants to stay with staff and leadership and participate in family activities to support their absence from their own family and friends.
  • Lana is a program that sees participants based in Cairns and living in funded self contained accommodation within walking distance to the CYLC Office.
  • Lanaoffersauniquerewardsprogramaimedat supporting good choices with milestone achievements and rewards including clothing vouchers, co branded uniforms, National Conference event attendance and at the end of the successful year a completion milestone choice of an iPad or iPhone.

The Lana Program Process


Step 1. APPLY

Apply for Lana Program, seek endorsement from PBC, submit to CYLC


CYLC shortlist candidates and discuss with PBCs


Applicants are interviewed



Successful applicants confirmed, feedback provided to unsuccessful applicants


Process of relocation to Cairns (expected to be 4 weeks)


Arrival in Cairns, welcome to the CYLC family

Step 7. LANA

Commencement of Lana

Step 8. 1 MONTH

1 month Milestone met, reward achieved

Step 9. 3 MONTHS

3 month Milestone met, reward achieved

Step 10. 6 MONTHS

6 month Milestone met, reward achieved

Step 11. 9 MONTHS

9 month Milestone met, reward achieved

Step 12. 12 MONTHS

12 month Traineeship completed – Milestone met, reward achieved


Promotion of Pilot, Career pathway planning