Mar 8, 2024

Tuesday 26 March 2024

Cape York Land Council (CYLC) has been engaged by the State of Queensland to facilitate information and decision-making meetings in relation to a World Heritage Tentative Listing for some areas of the Cape York Peninsula.

On 8 February 2024, CYLC facilitated an information meeting with the Lama Lama Native Title group to provide:

  • information on World Heritage and the Tentative Listing process;
  • an opportunity to meet with and ask questions of representatives of the State of Queensland and the Commonwealth; and
  • discuss the next steps in the engagement process and the potential Tentative Listing of Lama Lama Native Title country.

The next step in the engagement process is a decision-making meeting, which will be held on Tuesday 26 March 2024 in Coen with the Lama Lama Native Title group.

Purpose of the meeting:

The purpose of this decision-making meeting is for the Lama Lama Native Title group to decide whether or not they agree to certain areas of Lama Lama country being included in the World Heritage Tentative List Submission for parts of the Cape York Peninsula.

Who is invited to attend the meetings?

The meeting is open to all Lama Lama People. The Lama Lama People are those Aboriginal persons who are descended by birth, or by adoption in accordance with the traditional laws acknowledged and the traditional customs observed by the Lama Lama group, from one or more of the following apical ancestors:

(a) Ayu’uwa;

(b) George Balclutha;

(c) Frank Balser;

(d) Paddy Bassani;

(e) Billy (Kuparranyanhu) (father of Harry Coutts);

(f) Old Man Billy/Willy (Waarrathu/Nangayurrkumu);

(g) Charcoal and his sister Aangkaykuupi;

(h) Johnny Coast and Jinny (parents of Sandy Bassani);

(i) Jerry Crowbar (aka Kingie Jerry);

(j) Dyatu (spouse of Kuwarwar);

(k) Echo Hart;

(l) Jimmy Jealous;

(m) Frank Kerr;

(n) Kuwarwar (spouse of Dyatu);

(o) Harry Liddy Snr (Ngaakamburu);

(p) Maurice (Thowandya) (father of King Armstrong and Old Lady Possum aka Possum Maurice and Jack Whip);

(q) Monkey Port Stewart (Aakurru Yintyingka);

(r) Nellie Frank Salt;

(s) Rosie Parker (spouse of Johnny Tableland);

(t) Peter (Ko’ayi) and sister (mother of Ko’omithya);

(u) Pompey Port Stewart (aka Bambi);

(v) Willy (Purrwal);

(w) Frank Salt Snr (Rawangawal);

(x) Albert Tableland;

(y) Jack Tableland;

(z) Jenny Tableland;

(aa) Old Tommy Tableland Snr and sisters Nydyi and Minnie Peter (Dhuymalana);

(bb) Wariy (aka Paddy Wharf aka Paddy Port Stewart);

(cc) Minnie Whitewood (wife of Charlie Whiteford/Whitefoot/Whitewood); or

(dd) Frank Port (Nangkayunumu).

The meeting will be held as follows:

Date: Tuesday 26 March 2024
Venue: Wunthulpu Centre, Coen
Time: 10:30am – 2:00pm

If you have any queries about this meeting or to confirm your attendance whether in person or via phone or video-link, please contact Kathrine Scott before Monday 19 March 2024 at CYLC on free call number 1800 623 548 or by email at

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