PRE-AUTHORISATION MEETING FOR A NATIVE TITLE DETERMINATION AGREEMENT Kowanyama People Native Title Group Cape York United # 1 Native Title Claim (QUD673/2014)

Jan 23, 2024

Tuesday 13 February 2024
Rydges Esplanade, Cairns

This notice is to advise that Cape York Land Council (CYLC) will hold a pre-authorisation meeting on Tuesday 13 February 2024 in Cairns to discuss the proposed authorisation process for the Kowanyama People Native Title Group to authorise the proposed s87A native title agreement for a determination of native title over the areas shown on the map below, including areas jointly held with neighbouring native title groups.

A determination of native title involves a decision of the Federal Court. Determination of native title means that the Federal Court determines (1) who holds native title; (2) what the native title rights are; (3) the area to which the native title rights apply after any determination is made; and (4) which corporation will represent the members of the determined native title group. Following the pre-authorisation meeting on Tuesday 13 February 2024, there will be a meeting to authorise the s87A native title agreement on Monday 4 March 2024, where the Kowanyama Native Title Group will consider whether to authorise the proposed agreement for a determination of native title. If the Native Title Group decide in the affirmative, the determination will then be sought in the Federal Court.

Who is invited to attend the meetings?

The meetings are open to those persons who comprise the people known as Yir Yoront (sometimes called
Kokomenjen); Koko Bera; Kunjen and Koko Berrin peoples. The Yir Yoront, Koko Bera, Keunjen and Koko Berqrin
Peoples are those Aboriginal people who are descendants by birth, or adoption, in accordance with the traditional
laws acknowledged and traditional customs observed by the Kowanyama People, from one or more of the
following apical ancestors:

  1. Solomon Minyalk
  2. Thin Mitin Mart
  3. Min Yal Panauirn
  4. Art Kadlaurin
  5. Any of the siblings Kal Koral, Kor Mart, Min Koko Taren or Mad Len;
  6. Pow Mon Alithanem
  7. Kauan Kor Mar’pen
  8. Any of the siblings Paul, Rio or Biddy
  9. Yor Kantl Yamen
  10. Any of the siblings Mark, Barnabas or Kate
  11. Arthur, the father of Smiler Misson
  12. Luke
  13. Any of the siblings Native, Wilson, Akul Edngan, Uyan or Ginger
  14. Any of the siblings Major, Sergeant, Bobella or Gregory
  15. Mickey
  16. Boandonolly (aka Puntanolli)
  17. George Black (aka Thamil Polp)
  18. Either of the brothers “Barramundi” Charlie or Lamp
  19. Gilbert
  20. Eagleman, the father of Barney Jubilee
  21. Joe Highbury
  22. Jackson
  23. Tent (aka Thol Kol Kith)
  24. Bruno (aka Wurrpwin)
  25. Min Kawlto Tower Moilin
  26. Wo Pam Mal Yamin
  27. Mokara Hudson
  28. Either of the siblings George or Purt Ngon
  29. Bob Patterson
  30. Moses (aka War’luran)
  31. Yowalyamen
  32. Jolly
  33. Either Mailman or his siblings
  34. Any of the siblings Stephen, Louie, Reubin (aka Robin), Jimmy Braddsley, Mabel Rio or Poppy
  35. Old Mokara
  36. Taw Wil Yir
  37. Colin Dinghy
  38. Fred Dunbar
  39. Alick (aka Alec and Kauwunbengk)
  40. Goanna (aka Melder)
  41. Pluto
  42. Either Mundie Shalfo or his sister
  43. Piper
  44. Willie Daphney
  45. Any of the siblings Fanny, Lucy Tommy, Waterloo, Elsie or Tommy Burns
  46. Nipper
  47. Dick
  48. Peppo
  49. Ben
  50. Smiler
  51. Bernard
  52. Monday
  53. Kangaroo
  54. Mosquito
  55. Either of the brothers Billy Flower or Goggle-Eye or their siblings
  56. Jimmy
  57. Either of the brothers Rainbow Christie or Bowyang Charlie
  58. Nellie
  59. Either of the brothers Bob Dunbar or Bendigo or their siblings
  60. Any of the siblings Jimmy Koolatah, Coglin Dick, Kunjne Dick or George Murray
  61. Frank Yam
  62. Brumby (aka Jack Brumby)
  63. Old Mud
  64. Charlie Inkerman
  65. Any of the siblings Mimosa, Alison or May
  66. Maggie
  67. Bonbatable
  68. Cecil (brother of Kangaroo)
  69. Dr Dick
  70. Possensnek
  71. Lily Goatboy (sibling of George Black)
  72. Moses
  73. Nellie Highbury (Patterson)

Any person who is a descendant of one or more of the apical ancestors listed above is invited to attend these
meetings. Please contact CYLC if you would like to confirm whether you are a descendant of one or more of the apical
ancestors listed above and so entitled to attend the meeting.

The meeting will be held as follows:

Date: Tuesday 13 February 2024
Venue: Rydges Esplanade, 209-217 Abbott St, Cairns
Time: 9:00am-3:00pm

The location and time of the authorisation meeting on Monday 4 March 2024 will be publicly notified and notices will be sent out to all members of the Kowanyama Native Title Group with contact details on the CYLC database. Please contact us on free call number 1800 623 548 or by email to update your details.

For travel assistance or to confirm attendance or for any other questions about this notice, please contact Sana Dorante before Tuesday 6 February 2024 on free call number 1800 623 548 or by mobile phone on 0488 702 099 or by email Note that there is limited funding available for travel assistance.


Video-conferencing facilities will be made available at the meeting. If you would like CYLC to arrange a video-conference from your location into the meeting, whether you live at the location of the meeting or elsewhere, please contact CYLC on the number above.

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