The future is in our Stars…

Oct 6, 2020

CYLC’s ‘Lana Program’ has been built from the ground up with the key focus being the education of the Cape’s brightest talent in all things administration, governance and management – equipping the next generation of leaders to pick up the mantle of the giants who came before them.

At the conclusion of a competitive application process, CYLC have proudly awarded their two inaugural Lana Program positions to Royston Sagigi-Baira (21) of Mapoon and Katana Salee (20) of Injinoo.

The successful Lana trainees began their journey Tuesday 14 September 2020 and have since completed their 3rd week of this exciting opportunity, working at the coal-face in their Land Council, in tandem with CYLC’s dedicated team at the Florence Street headquarters in Cairns.

With their inductions now firmly behind them, Royston and Katana begin the challenging task of working through their education and work modules while balancing the real world growth opportunities of maintaining their own accommodation – having moved away from the safety and security of family to commence their journey towards future leadership opportunities.

They are not alone.  At CYLC we look after our own.  We are one family, committed to the talent development of future leaders.  We are creating a new path at CYLC, while never forgetting the vision of our founding elders.

At the conclusion of next week, both trainees will have achieved their 1-month milestone and have continued to impress CYLC’s team by their exceptional participation, commitment and attendance.

Continued success with the Lana program sends a strong message to the communities of Cape York – the future is bright – and this brightness is a combination of the vision and implementation of the Lana program with the passion and dedication from the youth of Cape York.

It has never been more important to support our future generations – CYLC are proud to do so. 

Lana is a language name, given to this program by the Mokwiri RNTBC.  Lana means ‘night sky’, it refers to us looking to the stars.  This is what Lana is about, looking to our future leaders, our bright stars.  Lets support them together.