30 Years Strong – We are here in good and bad times. Always have been, always will be

Mar 27, 2020

In the face of uncertain times, we will stand with you.

The world is facing uncertain times.  Corona-virus is changing our lives daily and there has never been a more important time for us to look out for and after each other.

To protect Aboriginal people in Cape York, communities throughout the Cape are in lock down, many from today.  

CYLC recognise that there were several of our most vulnerable Elders and family members in Cairns, away from their home community and loved ones. Doing our bit to care for Elders, their family and their health and wellbeing is a priority for Cape York Land Council so our team have put together care packages to help.   

Complete with groceries, toiletries, sanitiser and an information booklet about the Corona Virus, we will deliver these packs to as many as we can and ensure that Elders are as looked after as they can be while being so far from home.  Our team do so, knowing that they are not putting families at risk, maintaining social distancing.

CYLC have being supporting the Cape for over 30 years now and will continue to do so – from a distance… we’ve never been fearful of hard times in the past and this is no different.

CYLC will do all in our power to ensure no one is left behind.

Each week, we will be hosting a live video conference via Zoom.  Jump onto our Kicking the Dust Facebook page or our website: www.cylc.org.au   You will find steps to download the Zoom App (download here) on your phone, tablet/ipad or computer.  Join us on Tuesday and Thursday for a live chat.   We will share information, and be here in a virtual world to talk, answer questions and provide you support.  Watch both pages for information updates once these start. 

Look out for your families, please stay at home to reduce the risk of spreading this virus.

It’s a new world, but one that CYLC will adapt to and continue to walk with you.  We have been through hard times before, this isn’t a first for First Nations people.  Together we will move through this.

If you have any questions and cant join our video conferencing, please call our office on freecall: 1800 623 548 or email one of our team:

Community Relations Manager: jdavis@cylc.org.au

PBC Unit (Business Advisory): rmcdonald@cylc.org.au     

Executive Assistant: dstoute@cylc.org.au