Reflecting on the past – a brand for the future.

Mar 23, 2020

30 years on from the historic victory that catalysed the Native Title movement in Australia we take a moment to reflect on the unity, strength and achievement of our first nation’s people – particularly throughout Cape York.

From the humblest of beginnings – momentum has built through perseverance, dedication and unity to a point where the voices of Traditional Owners and Elders now rings out loudly through the highest courts of the country and Aboriginal lore is an ingrained tenet in the future of Australia.

On the back of this inspirational outcome, the Cape York Land Council Board (CYLC), consisting exclusively of Traditional owners were inspired to refresh the brand of CYLC to better reflect the meeting of past, present and future and to pay homage to the sacrifice of those who had come before – and to inspire the fight in those who would come after.

It is with great pride that the CYLC board unveil a logo and corporate image that speaks to recognising the giants on whose shoulders they stand – and to the journey still left to be had.

The new logo features two circles, coloured to reflect the earth (Ochre) and the sea (blue). This is timely noting the existing Sea Claim and the future work to be done on sea rights. The Circles overlap signifying the coming together of Aboriginal Lore and State/Commonwealth Law. It also represents the Aboriginal people of Cape York walking together in two worlds to build their future with the power in their hands.

The Yuk Puyngk (the Wik Law Stick) is place at the centre of these circles. It is the symbol of strength and unity put forward for all the Cape York Aboriginal people as they united in 1990.

The feathers at the top of the Yuk Puyngk form the shape of Australia with the Cape region highlighted to show the strength of our brand and recognise that the fight of Cape York has a flow on effect across the nation.

Under this new brand we recognise and pay respect to the Giants of our past – without them we would not be where we are today. Under this new brand we look to the future and from atop the shoulders of the Giants – that future looks bright.