The CYLC is incorporated under the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders) Act 2006, known as CATSI Act which was passed by the Australian Parliament on 18 October 2006 and introduced into effect on 1 July 2007.

The CATSI Act replaced the Aboriginal Councils and Associations Act 1976 (Cth.), or ACA Act, and CYLC registered a new CATSI Act compliant Constitution (or Rule Book) with the Office of the Registrar of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporations (ORATSIC). ORATSIC granted an exemption to allow CYLC to have a Board of 17 Directors.

The Board of Directors is responsible for governance of CYLC. This includes the setting of the broad strategic direction for the organisation. The Strategic direction is supported by the operational plan that details activities, associated resources and performance information. The NTU produces work plans for all matters, in line with the operational plan. All activities are related to an output within the outcomes and outputs framework.

In accordance with the Constitution of CYLC, the Board of Directors has responsibility for:

  • Receiving and considering reports from the CEO and other senior staff regarding the work of CYLC;
  • Monitoring the financial position of CYLC;
  • Deciding on allocation of resources to particular projects;
  • Being informed of changes or proposed changes to the way the CYLC conducts its work;
  • Dealing with complaints; and
  • Other functions as delegated from time to time.
Cultural Disclaimer

Warning: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander persons are warned that this website may contain images and or names of deceased indigenous persons or sites of cultural significance.

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